August and Josef

A history of two brothers

Harald Sylvander & Harald Sylvander

Harald Sylvander, Strömstad (1885-1943), and  Harald Sylvander, Marseille (1888-1915)

To the left Harald Sylvander, Strömstad (1885-1943), son of Anders Wilhelm Sylvander and Bina Sylvander (born Hammar). Harald Sylvander, Strömstad was thus the nephew of August and Josef. To the right Harald Sylvander, Marseille (1888-1915) brother of Hulda Hammar (born Sylvander) and hence brother-in-law to Josef Hammar. The Strömstad Harald married Ulla Montgomery and many of my generation do remember her from New Years receptions at our grandmother Huldas little flat in Stockholm. Harald Sylvander, Marseille, was killed in battle in the Dardanelles 1915. Details about his death can be found on this link.



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