August and Josef

A history of two brothers

Josef now on Wikipedia (english)

For some time now I've been working on a Wiki-article about Josef Hammar. It is now done and active on

The work has been interesting. As Wiki doesn't accept private reference material as letters, diaries etc. I had to search extensively for available sources and turned up some for me yet unknown. For example a search for the subjects of one of Josef's published articles, "Reserapport från kriget i Sydafrika" (Travelling Report From The Boer War) gave me an odd hit with a book titled Abbozzo di un nuovo sistema monetario by Dionigi Martinelli scanned by Google. It turned out that this scan had appended to it "Helsingborgs-Landskrona nation i Lund" by Vilhelm Ljungfors which contained a biography of Josef published 1903. It also turned out that August Hammar Sr. was a honorary member of Helsingbors-Landskrona Nation and had his own biography in the book. This source verified some facts that I knew but had not found in any other published source.

I also found a reference to a list of published articles by Josef that is supposed to be in "Sveriges läkarehistoria" (History of Swedish Physicians) vol. 4 (1822–1935). I started to look up where I could find a copy to read and photograph and was on my way to Carolina Redeviva (University library in Uppsala) when I found a copy of the entire work (vol 1-5) in leather at an on-line used bookstore for 400 kr (~£37). So I'm awaiting a package eagerly to see if there is more surprises in it. UPDATE: And today they arrived. My expectations where fulfilled.

To say the least Josef lead an interesting life.


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