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Gunnar Hammar

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Gunnar HammarGunnar Hammar
Male View treeBorn: 1860-04-27Died: 1886-04-27
Father: August Hammar (Sr)Mother: Elin Hammar
Children: none
Siblings: Eliana Jakobina (Bina) Hammar, Eva Hammar, Holger Hammar, Johannes Hammar, Josef Hammar, August Hammar (Jr)

Gunnar Hammar was between August and Josef in age   (born 1860). In 1882, the year before this photo,  his father  August Hammar Sr wrote to August Jr in South Africa "Gunnar has completed his academic course and is now in juridical activity with District Judge v[on] Sydow at Hammenhög (close to Ystad) where he not only is exceedingly happy, but has an excellent school to be trained in: Sydow is an outstanding lawyer. " In January 1884 August Sr wrote to August Jr: "But Gunnar has caused us even more troubles. At the end of October he came from Hammenhög, where he had served with the district judge v. Sydow, to Lund for a visit; but was found in a state of mental disorder, which made Uncle Karl take him to the hospital. As soon as I got to know this I went there and took him home, where he soon seemed to recover."

According to the church register for Nosaby parish Gunnar Hammar died on April 27th 1886 of tuberculosis ("lungsot"). (THANKS TO Ann-Britt Hammar for this additional information!)

His father does not mention Gunnars death in his letter from Nov 1886 but writes about the expenses they have had for Gunnar and Hasse.

Hand written on the back of the photo "Jur. stud. Gunnar Hammar 1883

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