August and Josef

A history of two brothers

It is great to see each of our relatives entering into the homepage one by one. You do not need to apologize! I will look for more photos. I am sure I have Anders Wilhelm Sylvander in several ages + Eva Hammars husband Nils Vult von Steyern. I will also look for Hasse and Gunnar. Do you have them Johan?




Today Mats Widgren and I met to discuss the development of this site. Although we lost our selves in a lot of stories about the brothers and our family we made some progress. We will now slowly work with this. There is plenty of material to organize so it will take a while.

Meanwhile, if you're a member of the Hammar family and have access to any interesting material, feel free to register a membership (here) and upload it. We'll make sure to use it well. Specially pictures are welcome.

As stated this site is primarily for the descendants to August and Josef Hammar but everyone is welcome. This site is created by me, Johan Hammar, a great grandson of Josef and I soon hope to get some assistance by Mats Widgren a grandson of Josef. Here we hope to soon publish letters, documents and pictures from the lives of the two brothers.

I have access to the material left after Josef Hammar and we also have access to some of August Hammar's works through Mike Hathorn a grandson to August. Of course we're also glad for any contributions from others with access to related material. Some translation work have been done of letters originally in Swedish by Elisabet Hammar, granddaughter of Josef, and me but there is more to be done.

Now, we will start to organize this material and slowly upload it to this site but have patience because this will take some time and this is a spare time project.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you want to contribute in any way. Use the contact form.

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