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This website is dedicated to the two brothers August and Josef Hammar. Here we collect letters, documents and pictures from their lives and also information about their relatives. The site is mainly a site for us descendants of August and Josef to share material an communicate but also a source for people around the net to learn more about all contemporary history the brothers experienced.

The brothers were sons of the reverend August Hammar and Elin Jakobina Juliana Ask. They grew up in Nosaby in southern Sweden.


August graduated as a mining engineer and subsequently emigrated to South Africa where he became witness to and participated in the Anglo-Zulu War. He later became a land surveyor and instrumental in mapping parts of southern Africa. He married Elizabeth Lamb and settled in Pietermaritzburg in South Africa. His descendants still live in South Africa.


Josef studied medicine and became a doctor. He participated in A G Nathorst's expedition to north east Greenland in 1899 and later that year he went on to South Africa and worked with a Red Cross ambulance on the Boer side in the Boer War (at the end he visited his brother in Pietermaritzburg). In 1904 he was sent as a military attaché to the Russian-Japanese War where he witnessed the siege of Port Arthur. After a career a military surgeon in the Swedish army he emigrated to Algeria in 1926 where he bought a fruit farm.

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